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MISS USA — The pageant is set to begin at 8 p.m.





SCHOOLHOUSE SEX ASSAULT-OFFENDERS-HFR — The victims’ stories are known: Using words of anger, confusion, pain and resilience they describe lives shattered by sexual assault. But of the assailants, little is clear, even less when they are children. Thousands of school-age offenders are treated annually for sexual aggression in the United States. Yet there is no profile of a typical attacker. By Justin Pritchard and Reese Dunklin. UPCOMING: 2,600 words with photos, video, hold for release until 12:01 a.m. An ABRIDGED version will also move. WITH: SCHOOLHOUSE SEX ASSAULT-OFFENDERS-Q&A — Questions and answers about the research (upcoming).




GLOBAL CYBERATTACK — An unprecedented global “ransomware” cyberattack that has already hit tens of thousands of victims in 150 countries could wreak more havoc Monday as people return to work and power up their computers. Officials and experts urge organizations and companies to update their operating systems to ensure they aren’t vulnerable to a second, more powerful version of the malicious software. By Sylvia Hui and Sara Burnett. SENT: 1,100 words, photos. UPCOMING: Developing. WITH: GLOBAL CYBERATTACK-THE LATEST; GLOBAL CYBERATTACKS-RESEARCHERS — An alert researcher, teamwork helped stem huge cyberattack. SENT: 630 words; HACKING FOR RANSOM-TIPS — Five tips to make yourself a less-likely victim of “ransomware” attack. SENT: 620 words.

TRUMP-FBI DIRECTOR — Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper describes a U.S. government “under assault” after President Donald Trump’s controversial decision to fire FBI director James Comey, as lawmakers urge the president to select a new FBI director free of any political stigma. By Hope Yen. SENT: 1,000 words, photos.

SUPREME COURT-IMMIGRATION — Supreme Court decisions in a half-dozen cases dealing with immigration over the next two months could hint at how the justices might evaluate Trump administration actions on the issue, especially on stepped up deportations. By Mark Sherman. SENT: 780 words, photo.

REPUBLICANS-REVERSING OBAMA RULES — Republicans eager to show they’ve done something point to the reversal of more than a dozen Obama-era regulations on guns, the internet and the environment. Using an obscure congressional rule, lawmakers rammed through changes that will have far-reaching implications for the coal industry, hunters, Americans applying for unemployment benefits and women seeking health care. By Kevin Freking. SENT: 750 words, photos. The story moved as this week’s Monday Spotlight.

KOREAS-TENSIONS — Just five days after South Korea elected a president who expressed a desire to reach out to North Korea, Pyongyang sends a challenge to its rival’s new leader by test-firing a ballistic missile. By Foster Klug and Hyung-Jin Kim. SENT: 1,070 words, photos. WITH: KOREAS-TENSIONS-THE LATEST.

MISS USA — A new Miss USA will be crowned in Las Vegas. The 2017 edition of the competition is being held at the Mandalay Bay hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip with 51 contestants this year. By Regina Garcia Cano. SENT: 370 words, photos. UPCOMING: Developing from 8 p.m. ceremony.




JETBLUE-BIRTHDAY CAKE — New Jersey family says JetBlue kicks them off plane for storing a birthday cake in an overhead bin. SENT: 130 words.

RUTGERS COMMENCEMENT-VAN ZANDT — Musician and actor Steven Van Zandt calls on the largest-ever graduating class in Rutgers University to stay true to their Garden State roots, urging them to embrace authenticity and reminding them that “life should never be boring.” SENT: 310 words.

GOLD STAR FATHER-ACLU — Gold Star father Khizr Khan will be a featured speaker at the annual Bill of Rights Dinner sponsored by the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts. SENT: 120 words.

BREATHALYZER FOR TEXTING — New York eyes ‘textalyzer’ to combat distracted driving. SENT: 640 words, photos.

SPELLING BEE CHAMP — 12-year-old wins 3rd straight California State Spelling Bee. SENT: 140 words.

FILM-BOX OFFICE — ‘King Arthur’ flops, ‘Guardians 2’ still rules at box office. SENT: 770 words, photos.




UNITED STATES-AID CHIEF — A White House nominee with broad bipartisan support — that makes Mark Green a rare bird in Washington these days. But there’s a catch for the former congressman and ambassador: The foreign aid agency he would lead is facing potentially large cuts and the possibility of being folded entirely into a restructured State Department. By Diplomatic Writer Matthew Lee. SENT: 780 words, photos.

CONGRESS-PRESSURE AT HOME — In swing districts crucial to Republican control of the House, voters are venting about health care and the FBI director’s firing. Democrats see that as evidence of the enthusiasm necessary for them to break the GOP’s monopoly control of Washington in next year’s elections. SENT: 870 words, photos.

HEALTH OVERHAUL-SCHOOLS — The Medicaid changes being advanced as part of the health overhaul are sounding familiar alarms for school districts still regaining their financial footing after the recession. SENT: 1,030 words, photos.




CHILD SUICIDES — After an 8-year-old Cincinnati boy apparently killed himself, even the coroner found it hard to believe it could be a suicide. Now she is re-examining Gabriel Taye’s death, after it emerged that he was bullied and knocked unconscious at school two days before he died. SENT: 650 words, photo.

FOSSIL FUELS FIGHT — Residents of a coastal community in Oregon are considering whether to try to derail a fossil-fuel export project in their rural county, a decision that could put them at odds with the Trump administration. SENT: 870 words, photos.

OIL PIPELINE-BANKS — Opposition to the Dakota Access oil pipeline persuades some banks to stop supporting projects that might harm the environment or tread on indigenous rights, but calling the divest movement a success might be a stretch. SENT: 770 words, photos.

CONFEDERATE MONUMENT-TORCH PROTEST — A group including a well-known white nationalist carries torches and chants “you will not replace us” at a weekend protest in Virginia over plans to remove a monument of a Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. SENT: 500 words.

HOUSE-OSSOFF — The Democratic candidate in Georgia’s upcoming congressional race is reaping the energy of supporters aghast over efforts to gut the Affordable Care Act and President Donald Trump’s decision to fire the FBI director. SENT: 830 words, photos.

PANHANDLER JOBS — Portland, Maine, is the latest city in the U.S. to try to cut down panhandling by taking people from curbside begging to jobs such as cleaning parks and picking up litter. SENT: 530 words, photos.




FRANCE-PRESIDENT — In ceremonies marked by youthful optimism and old-world Napoleonic pomp, Emmanuel Macron sweeps into office as France’s new president pledging to fortify the European Union, redesign French politics and glue together his divided nation. SENT: 950 words, photos. WITH: FRANCE-PRESIDENT-THE LATEST; FRANCE-PRESIDENT’S CHALLENGES — Extremism, jobs, Europe — challenges facing Macron (sent).

GERMANY-ELECTION — Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives win a state election in their center-left rivals’ traditional heartland, a stinging blow to the German leader’s challenger in September’s national election. SENT: 700 words, photos. UPCOMING: Developing. WITH: GERMANY-ELECTION-THE LATEST.

TURKS AND EUROPE — The high support for Turkey’s president of Turks living in the European Union worries some officials in the 28-nation bloc. SENT: 970 words, photos.




CANNES FILM FESTIVAL-PREVIEW — With a lineup featuring Netflix films, virtual reality and television, this year’s Cannes Film Festival is quaking with change. By Film Writer Jake Coyle. SENT: 770 words, photos.




BBA–YANKEES-JETER — Derek Jeter’s No. 2 will be retired by the New York Yankees, the team’s last available single digit, and a plaque in his honor is unveiled in Monument Park. By Baseball Writer Ronald Blum. UPCOMING: Developing from ceremony starting 6:40 p.m., photos.

BKN–SPURS-WARRIORS — Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and the unbeaten-in-the-playoffs Golden State Warriors take on Kawhi Leonard and the San Antonio Spurs in Game 1 of the Western Conference finals. UPCOMING: Developing from game now under way.




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