Brancusi statue on display in fundraising bid by Romania

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — A nationally treasured work by Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi has gone on display at the National Bank of Romania as part of a bid by the state to raise funds to buy it from a private owner.

The “Wisdom of the Earth” is a small sculpture in a primitive modernist style depicting a female figure sitting with folded arms and her legs pulled up. Dating to either 1907 or 1908, it is one of just a few Brancusi works remaining in his homeland, with most abroad.

The government has pledged 5 million euros toward the 11 million euro ($12 million) price and is seeking the rest from private contributions.

Government spokesman Dan Suciu said Wednesday the campaign has raised just 212,000 euros ($237,000) since March. The campaign ends Sept. 30.