Shekinah Christian announces honor roll

Shekinah Christian School in Plain City held its annual awards ceremony May 29 for students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

To qualify for “A Honor Roll” a student’s final cumulative report card grade for each subject must be an A. To earn “Merit Honor Roll” a student’s final cumulative report card grade can include A’s and B’s, but must have no letter grade lower than a B-.

First grade

• A Honor Roll: Lindsey Cooley, Ava Hathaway, Austin Helmuth, Ethan Helmuth, Elaina Kosik, Luke Lyon, Samuel Pratt and Jayce Yoder.

Second grade

• A Honor Roll: Alex Bauermeister, Tyler Bogenrife, Ruby Gossard and Elijah Yutzy.

• Merit Honor Roll: Magdalene Lyon and Donnie Price.

Third grade

• A Honor Roll: Riley Helmuth and Savannah Knepp.

• Merit Honor Roll: Roxie Gossard, Taylor Helmuth and Victoria Sanguino.

Fourth grade

• A Honor Roll: Rylee Headings, Wyatt Helmuth and Rachel Jones.

• Merit Honor Roll: Anais Bauermeister, Michael Headings and Chloe Pratt.

Fifth grade

• A Honor Roll: Andrew Yutzy.

• Merit Honor Roll: Jack DeFrancesco, Marcus Peachey and Danae Wilcox.

Sixth grade

• A Honor Roll: Brooke Cooley, Danielle Headings, Sierra Knepp, Sydney Lyons and Danielle Wilcox.

• Merit Honor Roll: Jude Reed, Jasmin Rios and Sophie Spires.

Seventh grade

• A Honor Roll: Graham Coblentz and Kent Gingerich.

• Merit Honor Roll: Makalya Byars, Leah Jones, Gabriela Peachey and Chad Slabaugh.

Eighth grade

• A Honor Roll: Alissa Miller, Jeanie Schlabach and Kloe Yutzy.

• Merit Honor Roll: Rebecca Grissom, Ben Hershberger, Anna Pratt, Mandi Scheffel and Jana Schlabach.


• A Honor Roll: Stephen Byars, Nicole Cooley, Cole Gingerich, Sarah Grissom, Natalie Headings, Ian Jones, Cheyanne Knepp and Milla Reed.

• Merit Honor Roll: Hannah Headlee, John Michael Hershberger, Wonju Kim, Sophia Koester and Alissa Shupert.


• A Honor Roll: Christopher Conte, Madalyn Schrader and Sabrina Slabaugh.


• A Honor Roll: Sooho Jang, Emilie Miller, Kendra Scheffel and Michelle Yoder.

• Merit Honor Roll: Anna Chrysler, Summer Gingerich, Soo Hyun Jo, Kiara Rohrer and Sydney Spires.


• A Honor Roll: Kelsey Hershberger and Zachary Yoder.

• Merit Honor Roll: Kristina Cooley and Eric Troyer.


• The following students successfully completed kindergarten and were awarded a diploma along with promotion to First grade: Eleyna Beachy, Riley Bogenrife, Dakota Hutson, Bristol Kramer, Camden Miller, Cole Miller, Ana Sophia Schrader and Nadia Tornik.

About Shekinah Christian School: Shekinah Christian School features students from approximately 30 area churches who value Biblical principles incorporated into academic curriculum and extracurricular activities. It was founded in 1978 and currently operates as a 3301-35-08 Non-Charted, Non-Tax Supported School with the Ohio Department of Education. Shekinah Christian School is now accepting applications for the 2015-2016 school year.

For more information, contact Brice Kauffman, school administrator at school office: 614-873-3130.