Raining outside? Let’s play Pebble Beach

Members of the National Road Junior Golf Program didn’t let the wet weather get the best of them, as they got instruction on the course’s indoor golf simulators. Front row from left are: Eddie and Frankie Carson; second row: Sharon Ellars, Julian Weis, Hayden Covert and Brent Wohrle; third row: Cheryl Webb, Greg Ellars and Dawn Webb.

Mother Nature was not completely victorious on Wednesday, June 17 as week three of the National Road Junior Golf Program was held only for those participants that were 12 years old and older.

These kids were able to use the golf simulators at National Road to receive their weekly instruction.

Twenty-five kids braved the rain and had a great time playing Pebble Beach and Pinehurst.

The Moose on Main Lodge 2696 and WOTM Chapter 2415 provided lunch for everyone in attendance. Many members of the Moose were on hand to help serve the golfers.