After the accident

To the Editor:

I’ve felt a real burden to share my near-death car accident that took place on May 17, 2018, just outside Mt. Sterling on Route 56. Being sleep deprived for several weeks involving my very ill dogs, I mistakenly got behind the wheel while groggy. I dozed off and woke to see a utility pole coming at me, full speed. I broke the pole in half and flipped my van end over end and landed in a ditch upside down. I cried out, “Help me, Jesus,” feeling positive it would be my last words.

But God and angels had a different plan. In slow-motion, I ended up hanging by my seat belt upside down with difficulty breathing and pain from the jogged seat belt, surrounded by glass.

Enter: my Good Samaritan young man sent by God to thrust his arm through the glass to unbuckle my seat belt and spare me more pain and breathing problems. His name is Tony Dennison and even though I thanked him several times, I want him recognized as the hero of my day on May 17. He was the first responder to the scene.

I will conclude my story by saying I didn’t have a scratch or cutting of glass on my body although I was surrounded by a wall of glass everywhere. I walked out with no broken bones or physical injuries. A young man named Desmond Barker from Barker’s Towing drove me home. The next day, I went to the ER to be checked over and then to my local physician for a follow-up. Physically, I was fine but emotionally and mentally I had some trauma and still do.

I also want to thank all the first responders, sheriffs, police, fire and squad persons for their kindness and care even though they were not pleased with my decision to go home at that time. I had my reasons.

I am truly a walking miracle and I give all glory to my Lord for my life. He’s not done with me yet. How about you?

Elizabeth Branson