Letter: Mt. Sterling to gain another physician, not first

Dear Editor,

In response to the article “Ground breaks in Mt. Sterling,” published in the Aug. 26 issue of the Madison Press.

It is wonderful that a new medical facility is being built in Mount Sterling. Continued medical care for the greater community can thus be assured.

I know it was not intentional at all, for I was there for the ceremonious groundbreaking, for our mayor, Charlie Neff, to “express a need for a (not another) physician in town.” Nor was it the intention of Lisa Schwartz to say, “I’ve lived here 22 years and I’m excited to have a (not another) doctor in town.

I am sure Bob Arbogast, whose family is funding the near $700,000 project, meant finance — not physician — when he said, “We have to be filling the void.”

My father and I have “the” physician in Mount Sterling for the last 68 years. I am still here and going strong. In fact, a nurse practicioner will be joining me in December to extend my practice even longer.

So, any mention of a physician for Mount Sterling should respectfully say another physician.

Cy D. Young, D.O.

Mount Sterling