Over the last four months, I’ve been traveling the highways and byways of District 74, getting to know people and places, listening, knocking on doors, and making phone calls alone and with my team.

It is my belief that a District Representative is supposed to “represent” their constituents — in other words, they are supposed to work for us! That is not happening! And I say enough — wake up, Ohio.

I’ve had it with our representatives in the Statehouse and in District 74, where I live, who are not serving the citizens! Here are some of the issues that need to be addressed:

• Inadequate funding for public education and higher education

• Insufficient jobs, skill training and living wages

• Inadequate healthcare for all people

• Lack of support for small businesses, small communities, and family farms

• Tax shifting monies from townships, villages, and local communities

For almost any issue it seems that our current state legislature is willing to fund big business at the expense of our citizens who put them in office. And as we have seen over and over again, funding without oversight leads to disasters such as the charter school (ECOT) fiasco, filching hundreds of millions from Ohio’s taxpayers; big pharma prescription rip-off by pharmaceutical benefit managers (PBMs); an opioid epidemic that is supposed to be treated, while the very funds meant to help are being silently shifted in other directions, leaving us with more and more opioid overdose deaths; and we are in the bottom of the nation for job growth. This culture of corruption we are experiencing must end.

This didn’t happen overnight — it has happened over many years under essentially one-party rule, where legislators are re-elected over and over again, in spite of their poor performance. That’s why I say, “Wake up, Ohio.” It’s time we took back our legislature from big business and big lobbyists and got the representation and the solutions we deserve. It’s time we voted based on candidate performance and ideas and not just party labels.

I’ll be talking to you more about these issues and our solutions during my campaign. I’m Anne Gorman, Democratic candidate for Ohio Statehouse District 74. I believe that we should invest in people — together, we win.