What do your Farm Bureau dues give you?

Recently, agriculture has been in the news. In our own papers you may have seen that Madison County Farm Bureau is asking for your help.

A vote will be taking place on Thursday, July 16 at the Madison County Fair for those who are current members of the Madison County Ohio Farm Bureau to vote on an increase in the annual dues. On that day the Madison County Board will be hosting its annual meeting and ask that all members attend for voting and update on topics related the Madison County Farm Bureau as well as an ice cream social.

Before you vote on the increase in dues and other items, here are just a few things the increased dollars go to annually.

High school graduations have concluded and there is a flock of freshly-graduated seniors looking forward to the future. Some of these graduates will be joining our growing work force and others will be heading off to colleges and universities. Those attending colleges and universities are about to face the realities of the growing expense to further their education. Madison County Farm Bureau gives scholarships each year to deserving seniors from all over the county who have applied and have an interest in furthering their education in agriculture.

July is a busy time here in Madison County, with one of the most popular events taking place, the Madison County Fair. On Saturday, July 18, the participants will be selling their livestock for premium bid and a representative from the Madison County Farm Bureau will be on hand to increase the low dollar figures for as many of the livestock kids as we can.

Madison County Farm Bureau doesn’t stop there at the county fair, with nearly 1,000 4-H, FFA and volunteers participating that week. With the help of other sponsors the Madison County Farm Bureau will be distributing T-shirts to each member of 4-H, FFA and the volunteers prior to the fair.

Each year the representatives and volunteers within Madison County Farm Bureau who are passionate about agriculture work with elementary schools in Madison County to bring a new perspective of agriculture to those young minds. This event is the Farm City Days and is a great opportunity for kids to have hands on experience with animals, grain and equipment found on a working farm.

Other representatives and volunteers work tirelessly to bring Breakfast on the Farm to Madison and Franklin County. This event gives those adults and children that haven’t gotten to experience the farm a chance to enjoy a breakfast among the cows.

Scholarships, Breakfast on the farm, Farm City Days, and events at the fair along with other local events, are just a few examples of how the farm bureau is helping to promote agriculture in our local communities, but what else is the Madison County Farm Bureau doing?

As a member of Madison County Farm Bureau you are eligible for discounts at Choice Hotels, The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, a discount in a new vehicle through Chevrolet, and the list can go on. A monthly advantage to being a Farm Bureau member is the Our Ohio Magazine.

Now that warm weather has arrived, hopefully to stay, the farmers markets will be opening and each month the Our Ohio Magazine will appear in your mailbox filled with recipes for products that are in season locally.

These few items are just a few of the wonderful member benefits eligible with your annual dues with Madison County Farm Bureau. Visit ofbf.org/member benefits to see all the benefits.

Madison County Farm Bureau understands that money is tight, but we ask that you vote for the increase in dues so that the board can continue to bring great educational and community involvement to a county rich in agriculture.

Elizabeth Long is the Communications Action Team Leader for the Madison County Farm Bureau.