Letter: Support Jonathan Alder schools on March 15

Dear Editor,

Jonathan Alder community:

As the presidential primary is the focus in the news leading up to the March 15, 2016 elections, I am requesting your awareness and support for the levy renewal for Jonathan Alder Local School District on this same day. This is our current operating levy that was passed in 2006, and again in 2011, and is a .75 percent earned income tax. The revenue generated is used for daily operations such as: supplies, infrastructure, buses, salaries, and extracurriculars for our school system.

While the landscape of public education has been changing over the years, Jonathan Alder’s student growth and achievement remains high as we manage the current financial climate of state subsidies and community support. Renewing the upcoming levy allows our administrators, teachers and staff to continue providing an excellent education and plan for the future, while keeping our district financially stable.

Your support with the levy renewal is appreciated and comes with no new taxes. For more information, please visit our district website at www.alder.k12.oh.us.

Christine Blacka

School Board President

Jonathan Alder Local Schools