Facebook readers weigh in on traffic changes

The lights on High Street in London returned to normal operations Friday after about two months of experiments.

We asked our Facebook readers, “Do you think council should take action to remove the lights?”

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Lance Worthington: I think there should be lights at every other intersection: Walnut, High, and Madison.

Marjorie Foulk: Throughout this trial period I have wondered if there is a benefit to be hoped for by removing the lights. It seems that as our small city grows, there is more activity on the streets, and that removing the lights is a step backwards.

Nik Johnson: I think people would have liked a heads up that the lights were going back to normal…

Angela Costantino-Mason: I agree with every other: Walnut, High and Madison. That way, people can make a choice to brave a left turn onto High from a side street with no light or to be safer and turn on a side street with a light. It will also make it easier and safer for pedestrians to cross.

Jerry N Teresa Phelps: It was very nice to not be caught at almost every light in town. I can understand ones at the main intersections and busiest intersections.

Angel Marie: There are a lot of lights in the little town, however, since they’ve been flashing I’ve noticed a lot more children — even the older ones — almost get hit because the drivers aren’t paying attention to the cross walks when turning or driving. Not to mention the drivers who don’t know that a flashing red light is to be treated as a stop light and a flashing yellow is to be proceeded with caution. A notice would have been nice for the traffic change again. However, I think London has more to worry about besides some traffic lights.

Lisa Daily: Re-time them during the day and have all of them flashing including Main Street. After 6 p.m., this little place called London turns into a ghost town. No need for any traffic lights after that time.

Lisa Reay: It’s not a four-way stop if it’s flashing yellow. I don’t think they need to stay flashing, but a lot of people did not know how to drive with them flashing, which caused lots of frustrations to those of us who know how to drive with them flashing.

Arica Nichole: Keep the lights. Our children need to cross the road safely. And I’ve seen so many almost accidents even with city workers. Safety over convenience.

Crystal Howe: Yes they should be removed.

Kirsten Rodriguez: I’d say bring back the roundabout in the center of town. And keep some of the traffic lights to the busier areas. Take out the rest. Keep traffic flowing. So that there isn’t much stop and go traffic backed up everywhere.

Larry E Bobo: Why not put trip detectors and crosswalk activators on each intersection? That way it is safe for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Lacey Marie Smith: I wish they would stay blinking. Way too many lights for one small strip.

Beth Holton McVey: No, I do agree with a few, but not all. It was a real pain to get from one end of town to the other. Hated it!

Matthew Goodwin: Keep changing it back and forth every couple of weeks. Keep us on our toes.

Melissa Williams Hart: I’m fine with their removal!

Danielle Miller I’m so glad to hear this. The blinking lights and stop signs are just waiting for accidents to happen because people don’t know how to react to them or are disrespectful and don’t care about other drivers, walkers, bikers, or others just in general.