On track for success at Scioto Downs

Adam Campbell has been doing well during his first few months being employed by Scioto Downs Racino. He is served by the Madison County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

Adam Campbell has quite a bit of experience in materials handling and has excelled at his work in this area. I know, I’ve watched him pick up a dime with a forklift.

Adam recently decided that he wanted to change career paths and try something new. This lead to several meetings with his team. (Adam receives services from the Madison County Board of Developmental Disabilities.) These meetings lead to his receiving services from Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) who opened a case and helped Adam and his family select an agency to provide Job Development (assistance finding the ideal job) and Job Coaching (assistance learning how to do all aspects of the job).

A real break came when Patrick Kilbane, Pickaway County Board of Developmental Disabilities Transition Specialist, invited us to participate in a Job Fair at Scioto Downs Racino. Patrick has worked with the Racino to successfully place several individuals served by the Pickaway County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

Madison County Board of Developmental Disabilities Community Inclusion Manager Jenn Coleman made sure Adam knew about the event and once the Racino’s management had a chance to meet Adam he was on the fast track to employment.

“Scioto Downs Racino has been a great employer showing much support for our programs,” Kilbane said. “Their willingness to help us successfully place individuals with disabilities in meaningful community jobs has been a great resource for Pickaway and Madison County. The staff at the Racino have been fantastic and open to working closely to insure success.”

The Racino hired Adam as a bar back this past February and he has quickly learned all aspects of his job, which include making sure that all beverage stations throughout the Racino and Clubhouse are constantly stocked with napkins, utensils, related condiments and of course all of the popular beverages. Adam checks the stations periodically throughout his shift as well as changes over soda and beer taps as needed in the master dispensing cooler.

When Jenn Coleman and I went to visit Adam during one of his shifts it was apparent that Adam knew his job very well and, better still, the staff at the Racino knew him well and had much high praise for him. Adam’s warm smile and easy going nature have paved the way to developing relationships and friendships everywhere he has worked. His supervisor Terry was very complimentary about the job that Adam does and how quickly he picked up on it. Adam’s knowledge of the aspects of his job and his confidence and ease at working was amazing to see.

Adam received transportation to and from work from Madison County Ride and receives Job Coaching services from United Rehabilitation Services.

“Adam has done an outstanding job for us,” said Scott Levengood, Scioto Downs Racino Beverage Manager. “He is quick to offer help whenever needed and seems to have a solid grasp on exactly what we need out of him. It’s a pleasure to have him on my team.”

When Adam first expressed interest in obtaining a community job I think it was fair to say that a job as a bar back never crossed anyone’s mind. It speaks highly of the commitment of all involved to be open to opportunities. When you see Adam at work and see the smile on his face as he interacts with the customers and staff at the Racino you know that he’s found the job of a lifetime.

John LaCivita is the Madison County Board of Developmental Disabilities Organization Services Director.