Letter: Civil rights or meltdown of morals?

Dear editor,

I was surprised to read about the Alliance Club at Madison-Plains High School [published in the Press November 2014] focused on lesbian, gay, transgender and questioning. Maybe one day students will form a traditional family values club to emphasize straight families and their right to stay that way.

When I was growing up everyone always had the right to be gay, they just weren’t full of pride and boastful. It was “in the closet” because most were Christians and believed only in the marriage of a man and woman. People ultimately were ashamed. Instead of doing things they wouldn’t be ashamed of they instead tried to force everyone to believe homosexuality is OK.

They claim people are born gay. I blame groups like this. Children are born innocent and become influenced by the media whether we like or not. It’s only fair if all straight people stand for their religious rights and educate their children. That’s all the youth know of. It’s up to the older generations to tell the, what has changed.

What people do in the bedroom should be kept private, but it is all over the television. Being gay is a chosen lifestyle. It is much easier to distinguish someone’s race. You can’t necessarily look at someone and distinguish sexual preference unless they make it obvious.

When homosexuals go through slavery, beating with whips, illiteracy, lynching, raping from masters, being hosed and segregated, then I will believe they are fighting for civil rights. Being called names pales in comparison.

It appears they currently are seeking health insurance.

And by the way, the federal government should stop taking away states rights. The Supreme Court just ruled for gay marriage, leaving pastors the choice to either go against the Bible or lose their license.

Amanda Baker

Mount Sterling