It’s moving time

Beth and I are thinking about moving. We have lived in London about 12 years and in our present home for about nine years.

But, it’s time to down-size. I’m not getting any younger and we’d rather be proactive than reactive should something happen to either of our health. So we’re looking at homes (in London) that are smaller in size than ours.

Two things about living somewhere for a length of time: 1) things accumulate 2) what do you take with you? We have collected things from our grandparents, our parents and the things we have. There’s a lot of stuff to move. The difficulty is — what do we give away, what do we sell and what do we take?

Look around your home and ask yourself this question: “If I had to leave my house in two minutes, what three things would I take with me?” That’s a difficult question, isn’t it? I’d grab my Bible, Molly (our English Springer Spaniel) and my crossbow. Beth would probably grab her Bible, Dexter (our 15-pound cat) and her quilts.

Knowing that we are moving, and taking advantage of my “stay-cation,” I have been sorting things to take, sell and give away. It’s not an easy task, to say the least. But, we know we can’t take it all with us so we have to make some hard decisions.

Thinking about taking things with us. Did you know that when you die, you are not taking anything with you? In all the years of ministry, I have never seen a U-Haul truck behind a hearse. I heard about a guy who told his wife when he died he wanted to be buried with all his money. He wasn’t leaving anything behind for her or his children. She agreed and when he died, she withdrew the money from the bank, wrote a check payable to him and put it in the casket with him.

The Bible tells us in Thessalonians that one day, the trumpet of the Lord will sound, the archangel will shout, and Jesus will appear in the clouds to take those who have trusted Him for their salvation to Heaven with him. The dead in Christ shall rise first and then we who are alive will be next.

What a wonderful day that will be. And, guess what? We will not take anything with us. Nothing. When we meet Christ in the air, we will receive our glorified bodies and He will lead us into Heaven for all eternity. I am looking forward to that day.

Here’s the bottom line: too many times we look at what we have and we value our success here by what we own. Listen, when you draw your last breath, what you own will be left behind for family members to argue over. Some of it will be sold, some of it will be given away and some of it will then belong to another family member.

It’s not really yours because you cannot take it with you. It has been given to you and you are to be a good steward over it, but “things” should never rule your life.

In the end, what really matters is whether or not you have trusted Jesus Christ as your savior and is your name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life? If you are not sure where you are going to spend your eternity, please contact me, I’d be glad to talk with you about it.

And that is Something To Think About for this week.

Pastor Thad Gifford is the founding and lead pastor of the Crossroads Community Church, 62 E. Second St., London. He can be reached at 740-852-7800, email him at, or visit the church’s Facebook page at Crossroadslondon.