Who is right?

Father Patrick Toner - Contributing Columnist

Now that there is a TV program promoting transgender awareness, it is time to clear the air. Who is right about this issue? It is certainly traumatic. People are coming forward and claiming that their lives are a mess because they are in a wrong body.

Scripture teaches us that God made us male and female. The bodies he gave us were not a mistake. Our bodies proclaim what our gender is. The female body has a different bone structure that compliments its purpose of bearing children. It comes with hormones that support its nature. Breasts and genitals are appropriate for the role of conceiving, bearing and nurturing life. The male body has a different bone structure and genitals. Males have different hormones that regulate their bodies.

Science provides evidence that our gender is defined by our bodies. To transform our bodies to conform to a desired gender other than the one we are born with requires extensive surgery and hormonal treatment. The human body will not naturally accept the new hormones and will continue to produce the right hormones appropriate to the body we were born with. Then, there is the plastic surgery necessary to “complete” the change. The best the surgery can offer is a facsimile of the genitals, which will not function as, the originals would.

If God’s creation and science are right, why do people feel they are trapped in a wrong body? While mental health professionals have accepted the premise that they are truly transgender, the evidence does not support it. The acclaimed cases they refer to have not lived up to the facts. Suicides are still at a rate far exceeding normal.

The idea that one is transgender is an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It starts with an ideation, an irrational belief in another reality. In this case, the belief is that they are trapped in a wrong body. This belief is irrational as we can see based upon what science says is true and rational. The rational course of action is professional counseling to address the irrational ideation, not radical attempts to become something one is not.

Once we have decided that God is not a factor in our lives, it becomes reasonable for people to play God and fix what is wrong with creation and our lives. In the search for happiness, God is still the best answer. Let’s have compassion for those anguishing over their sexual identity but not misplaced compassion.

Father Pat Toner is chaplain to the Columbus Courage Chapter. He is also pastor at Saint Joseph Catholic Church, 140 West Ave., Plain City. He can be reached at patoner@saintjosephplaincity.com or 614-873-8850.


Father Patrick Toner

Contributing Columnist