Dr. Tony Xenikis is ready to get to work as a new Madison County Commissioner.

With his family standing by, Xenikis was officially sworn in by Judge Eamon Costello at the Madison County Courthouse Wednesday afternoon.

“In 2008, small governments and small communities took an economic hit and we saw that here in our county,” Costello said. “We’ve been fortunate to have people like Dr. Xenikis with financial, money-managing skills to come in and keep it on track.”

Xenikis, who is replacing former board chair Commissioner David Dhume, works as a veterinarian and has lived in Madison County for the last 20 years. He previously resided in Columbus, and before that, the Youngstown area. He has been an active member of the community and regular figure at the Madison County Fair.

Xenikis won the seat in November with nearly 70 percent of the votes and said that community support has been very important to him.

“I have to thank everyone that voted for me and the support of this community. Without them, I wouldn’t be here,” he said. He added that he is eager to get to work and has a clear idea of how to approach the job as commissioner.

“It’s real simple: I’m going to do whatever I can for this county,” he said. “Whatever it is, as long as it helps the citizens of Madison County.”

Xenikis will attend his first meeting as a commissioner at their regular session next Tuesday.