Madison County is continuing its plans to build a domestic violence shelter.

County officials are looking to the Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) to help fund the project. David Kell with the CIC and Chamber of Commerce, said, pending approval from the CIC board, the organization would head the project.

“We would take over as project management for construction,” Kell said. “It would be in a similar capacity to what we’ve done with areas in the fairgrounds.”

The CIC has worked with the county on project managing the building of several structures for the grounds including numerous show arenas.

County officials have worked on acquiring a location for some time but have been unable to get an existing building that would meet the needs of a violence shelter. Buildings also have to be compliant with the American Disabilities Act.

County Administrator Rob Slane said the the county may have more success in-house.

“In the past, we used some third-party shelters and they just haven’t worked out for us,” Slane said. He added that there are grants available through the Crime Victims Fund which was established under the 1984 Victims of Crime Act. Access to the grants led to officials to consider building a shelter in Madison County.

“Since we couldn’t find an existing building that met our standards, we figure building our own would be more cost-effective than renovating or updating existing structures,” said Slane. “We’ve applied for two grants and received one. We hope to reapply for the operating grant once we have the new house built.”

The new shelter house would be located in Madison County and would have 3-4 bedrooms, 2 baths, office space, a kitchen and other resources. Plans have been drawn up by an architect but nothing will move forward until the project is approved by the CIC.

“Our hope is to start building in the spring,” Slane said. “The house would be under the oversight of the county prosecutor’s office and with their guidance, it should be much more beneficial in meeting the needs of our county.”