On the chilly evening of Tuesday, Nov. 13 the Plain City Book Club met at the country home of Pat Edgington. Cheryl Brockman, the co-hostess, served autumn treats of apple cake and apple cheesecake with warm cinnamon applesauce. As the 14 members enjoyed the desserts, they chatted and caught up with the news and lives of each other.

The meeting was called to order by President Carol Karrer. Attendance was taken by responding to roll call of substitute secretary, Karen Vance, with a favorite recipe for Thanksgiving. Most members described traditional dinners with anecdotes of the repercussions when they tried to “fancy up” traditional fare. A few of the members use the telephone book as their favorite cookbook for holidays.

The minutes were read and approved as read. Motion was made by Kathy Cosgray and seconded by Sue Ann Pieroni.

Under business, Sue Ann thanked the group for the card sent to her on the death of her mother. Our new scrapbook has been purchased and will be given to Judy Minshall Vowell to begin recording our events.

The short report was given by Jerry Smith. She selected the book “Our Father — Reflections on the Lord’s Prayer” by Pope Francis. In this tome the Pope has taken the Lord’s Prayer and explained his insight into the wording. One of his points was that by addressing God as Our Father, we are accepting all humanity as our brothers and sisters.

Pat Cooke chose “When God Winks at You” by Squire Rushnell as her report. The book is written as true short stories about God’s intervention during peoples lives. She shared three of the stories with us. One story related how the entire contingent of clowns with Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus avoided a railroad crash in 1994 by changing plans at the last moment. The story of Emmitt Kelly’s daughter meeting the man who took the only photo of a smiling Weary Willy the Clown was a God wink moment. The final shared story was about how one kind action and kind word saved the life of a young boy.

Those attending not already mentioned were Judy Bodenbender, Janet Nicol, Linda Brown, Miriam Beachy, Connie Weakley and Carol Kreig.