London High School’s next play is a real ‘Dickens’ of a challenge.

But the students at LHS are up to the test as they present their production of the Charles Dickens classic, “Nicholas Nickleby.” The two-act drama will be on the stage of the school’s Joyce Hildebrand Auditorium Nov. 16 and 18. The Friday show begin at 7 p.m., while the Saturday performance was moved to a Sunday matinee in support of the London Football Team continuing on its playoff run. Admission is $7 for each show.

For two decades, LHS theatre director Scott Blanton has continually looked for different ways to give the students unique opportunities on stage. This show fits the bill as no less than 10 students handle the difficulty of playing dual roles. Additionally, these students from London try their hand at accents used by their European namesake.

The story tells the life of young Nicholas Nickleby. Set in 19th century England, Nickleby (played by Luke Peart) encounters a variety of characters including his cold-hearted Uncle Ralph (Clay Hurley), the horrible Squeers family (Ciara Cooney, Paul Huff, Zoey Marshall), an eccentric traveling theatre troupe (led by Christian Held and Sara Madden), the manipulating Arthur Gride (Seth Gillilan), pitiful Smike (Ben Treynor), and the lovely Madelaine Bray (Sarah Myers). Many others dot the landscape to present this dramatic show filled with mystery and whimsical moments.

Cast members include (in alphabetical order): Julie Adkins, Zach Baldwin, Danielle Bechtel, Jon Luke Blanton, Sam Blanton, Noah Brown, Liam Comer, Aiden Cooney, Ciara Cooney, Stevie Cooper, Reid Gates, Seth Gillilan, Christian Held, Meredith Hochstetler, Paul Huff, Clay Hurley, Grace Jolliffe, Sadie Large, Sara Madden, Zoey Marshall, Sarah Myers, Luke Peart, Sydney Pollard, Casey Rees, Adam Siddiqi, Amaya Siddiqi, Alicia Skinner, and Ben Treynor.