Jefferson Local Schools will have a levy on the November ballot, but district superintendent William Mullett wants to remind residents it’s only a renewal.

Mullett visited the West Jefferson council meeting Monday evening to discuss the levy and get council’s support.

“We have a 1 percent renewal of income tax on the Nov. 6 levy. This will be for a seven-year period,” Mullett said. “This is a earned income only.” Those levies do not include a tax on pension, retirement, or social security.

Mullett said the tax was done as income so as not to put strain on seniors as well as balance the taxation process since much of the money often comes from real estate tax.

“This is a critical levy for us. It raises about $1.6 million, which is what we estimate,” he said. Unlike other taxes in the village which include those who work in the village, this tax would only be on residents.

“We have a 9.5 mill emergency levy that’s also on the books. That will need renewed also in a couple of years,” said Mullett. “That’s our only other levy we have.”

By law, you have to collect 20 mills against property taxes which is where the school is currently at, he added.

He said that the district has been doing pretty well financially but that the levees help since the state has restricted its funding to flat funding over the last ten years. In the past, the state has paid up to 50 percent to districts but that number is currently down to 32 percent, according to Mullett.

Many of the industrial businesses in the village contribute financially to the district, bringing in over $700,000 for the schools — with Battelle contributing nearly $240,000 alone.

Mullett said the district is doing well with growth but that it will only be a matter of time before they need an additional building.