To the members of London Elementary School (LES) and the London community,

We are overwhelmed with the kindness and generosity of the LES and the surrounding community during the sudden loss of a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a sister, Carol Anderson Daniels, in July 2017. Since that time, the outpouring of love and multiple acts of kindness have been numerous helping us all deal with this huge loss. The unveiling of the Memorial Monument that occurred on Sept. 12 was beyond amazing. We will be forever grateful knowing this ever-lasting reminder of Carol’s commitment to education as a teacher and as administrator will live on. The words written on this beautiful monument ring so true of all the values that Carol worked to achieve in her life. We would like to thank Ms. Alicia Anthony for these words that will remain to be read for years to come. We know there are so many to thank for making Carol’s memory continue on, but we will start with our expression of gratitude to the Carol Daniels’ Memorial Project Committee members who had the vision to create something that would reflect what Carol was all about. We believed they fulfilled that vision with total accuracy. Those members include Shari Spahn, Khara Cunningham, Bonnie Hamilton, Stephanie Huddleston, Ed Maynor, Annette Rinesmith, Chad Reeser, and Melinda Scott.

We cannot thank you enough for your perseverance and dedication to this project and for bringing it to life. The beautiful voices heard by the LES/LMS choir under the direction of Director Katie Bates were perfect for the unveiling ceremony. A special thank you to Mayor Patrick Closser for attending this event and for the proclamation of Carol Daniels’ appreciation day on Sept. 12. We also offer our thanks to superintendent Dr. Lou Kramer along with the London Board of Education, Darryl Brown, Donovan Cooper, Marvin Homan, Ed Maynor, Jonathan Stahl, and Trevor Gummere for their approval and support of this venture. We understand so many businesses gave of their time and services to make this beautiful monument a realty – we thank Tim and Chris Roby, Roby Memorial Design and Lettering; Doug Peterman, MCE Electric; Peters Photography; and Wilson Printing and Graphics, Inc. Our thanks continues to the many teachers, staff members, administrators, students, parents, and business and community leaders who gave their support in several different ways as well as the many monetary donations. The words on the monument reference the tapestry of family Carol created within the walls of LES as well as the community which will forever remain. That, we believe, is the legacy Carol would be most proud of and would want to continue on.

Carol is our family and we loved her; but it is apparent that many also shared that love. We enjoyed hearing the teachers’ reminiscence on their Carol stories and loved talking to the students with their memories of Mrs. Daniels. During times of sadness, we reflect on everything this community has done and we are uplifted knowing that our angel did her amazing deeds while on this earth.

Please know how much all this has meant to us – while we feel it is difficult to adequately express our appreciation, please know we are humbled by all that has been done. Thank you and may LES and the London community continue to thrive in their educational pursuits.

With sincerest gratitude,

Jerry Daniels and children, Caty (Jonathan and Ty), and Joe

Doris Anderson

Linda Lange