Compared to the recent succession of land annexations in West Jefferson, the village council meeting was fairly quiet.

On Monday, council president, Steve Johnston, informed members that a petition for land annexation having to do with the not yet discussed Project Maple has been approved by the county commissioners and that the village will have to wait 60 days for their next action on the property.

The petition for 205.514 acres of land, a collection of property from seven owners in Jefferson Township, was approved by the commissioners in a special meeting Sept. 8.

“When the 60 days are up, we’ll have our first reading,” Johnston said. “Planning and Zoning did make the recommendation to change the land to PCD (Planned Commercial District).”

A couple of business owners in town also expressed some concerns over the upcoming changes in traffic patterns and markings at the Park 70 area. With the construction of new businesses and an influx of cars, the area could increase in traffic issues.

“A lot of people are used to going over that crossover and now they’re going to the new Commerce road that’s going across and there’s not a traffic light there,” said business owner Dennis Todd. “It really is causing a lot of problems and I’m hoping the village can do something to help it.”

Mayor Ray Martin said the village has contacted ODOT to help with addressing those concerns.

“There will be a light there, just not immediately,” Martin said. “We’ll address those issues and inform you, absolutely. ODOT controls what happens over there but we’ll try to get an explanation and understand the concerns.”