A threat made against London City Schools last night was deemed not credible.

Information indicating possible violence against students appeared on social media Wednesday night which prompted an investigation by school officials and the London police. Within a short time, law enforcement decided the threat was unfounded.

“It all revolved around a dispute between students, a male and female,” said London police chief, Glenn Nicol. “It was the result of a miscommunication.”

Nicol said one of the students inaccurately posted the information on social media which caused it to spread before it could be verified.

“After investigating, we were able to find pretty quickly that the student didn’t have the means or ability to do this,” Nicol said. He added that getting accurate information to the public is increasingly difficult with the advent of social media.

“There was some communication online that illustrated some confusion,” said Nicol. “We resolved the threat of violence very quickly, but that doesn’t mean the investigation overall is over. As law enforcement, we still try to determine the cause and series of events.”

London City Schools superintendent, Dr. Lou Kramer, put a letter out to families in the district late Wednesday indicating the unfounded claim and noted that there would be an increased police presence at the school today.

“Our school district enjoys a very productive relationship with our local police department. Officers routinely stop in our schools and interact with our students and staff,” the letter said. “However, (Thursday) as a precaution, the police department will be much more visible. This will continue as these matters are investigated.”

Echoing Chief Nicol, the statement reminded residents about the importance of putting out accurate information.

“Before posting something on social media regarding school safety, please report any suspicious behavior to the police department and school administration and consider the potential ramifications of the post,” the statement said.

“It’s important that everyone knows what’s going on, but getting that out can be difficult,” Nicol added. “Please, talk to us first.”