Both sides of the desk were recognized at Tuesday’s meeting of the Madison County Commissioners.

Members of the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) met with the commissioners to mark the start of August as Child Support Awareness Month for 2018.

“Through the leadership of Madison County Child Support Enforcement Agency, we recognize the importance of educating our parents about the services that are available through the Child Support program,” Commissioner David Dhume said in a proclamation. “The theme of this year’s Child Support Awareness Month is ‘support is key.’ We applaud parents who are committed to the success of their children.”

Commissioner David Hunter also gave recognition, acknowledging the struggle agencies such as CSEA face in receiving funding from the state and federal levels.

“We really appreciate the work you guys do with the limitations you have,” Hunter said. “And we know those limitations are tough.”

Sue Mosier, Child Support Administrator for the county, said that getting funding is difficult across the state.

“We have a lot of budget constraints from the state level and they’re facing it from the federal level so it’s a complex issue to solve,” Mosier said. “A lack of funding prevents us from doing more but we just try to get done what we can with what we have.”

She said funding has diminished over the years going back to the recession of 2008.

“It’s not just the state. It’s happening everywhere and I know it’s difficult at the legislative level,” Mosier added. “That’s why we appreciate the support we receive from the local level.”

Funding for services such as those performed by the CSEA is not included in the budget in every county. Mosier added that the agency is thankful funding is available in Madison County.

CSEA members presented the commissioners with a plaque for their ongoing relationship with the CSEA and Department of Job and Family Services overall.

In other action at Tuesday’s meeting, the commissioners:

• Appointed Matt Higgins to the county zoning commission. Higgins has worked in the construction field for more than 25 years.