The Jefferson Local Schools Board of Education has two pieces of property it is looking to part with.

At a special meeting and work session Monday afternoon, board members met to discuss policy changes and what to do with the unused land.

“We’ve met with the mayor and a member of council to see about transferring the property over,” said district superintendent, William Mullett.

The schools own property at Garrett Park as well as property on Frey Ave., at the site of the old elementary school. Mullett said the park is already a community space so it should just go to the village.

“The board maintains it, but since it’s a community park, it’s better suited for the village to control,” Mullett said.

The Frey Ave. property is open land that the school district would like to sell to the village. When meeting with West Jefferson officials, Mullett said the village was interested in keeping it a park space.

As part of their work session, the board also discussed their policy for administrative compensation and urged the finance committee to work on solidifying it.

No official actions were taken on either orders of business.