For the second year in a row, Kosta Xenikis, 15, was awarded the Grand Showman of Showmen at the 2018 Madison County Fair.

The event, held Friday evening, saw eight showmen competing for the top title. Xenikis qualified for the competition by being Beef Showman of Showmen.

Xenikis will be a sophomore at Madison-Plains High School this fall, where he is an active FFA member. Competitors had to show all eight major livestock breeds which include a horse, pig, steer, lamb, goat, chicken, rabbit and a dairy cow.

Competitors in the annual grand showmanship contest are judged on their expertise in exhibiting.

Contest overseers try to maintain fair and equal footing by selecting similar breeds and animals of similar size and with similar temperaments — that requires handling the animals of others and those with which they may not be familiar.

Other winners for the evening were: Dalton Cunningham, Sheep Showman of Showmen; Haylee Henry Swine, Showman of Showmen; Kennedy Nickle, Rabbit Showman of Showmen; Amara Suchy, Poultry Showman of Showmen; J.T. Lemmerman, Dairy Showman of Showmen and Brooke Edwards, Horse Showman of Showmen.

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Kosta Xenikis Xenikis Contributed photo
Second year win for Plains FFA student

By Michael Williamson

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