Four people were shot at an apartment complex on Lamplight Ct. in London Monday night, killing two and injuring one suspect. The incident, which London police is calling a home invasion, was reported at 11:29 p.m.

“There is no clear motive at this time,” said Chief Glenn Nicol. “There was an exchange of gunfire inside the residence which then continued outside.” The invasion left one suspect and one resident dead.

Zachary A. Edmond, 28, of 10 C Lamplight Ct., London, was transported by a neighbor to Madison Health and then transferred to OSU and is in stable condition.

William M. Benson, 28, also of Lamplight Ct., was pronouced dead at the scene. As of Tuesday morning, the police only had one of the suspect’s names, Justin G. Coffey, 24, also of London, who was transported to Grant Medical Center and later died. Although the name of the fourth suspect has not been named, police said there was a report of a man being treated at Springfield hospital for gunshot wounds.

The shooting is currently under investigation.

By Michael Williamson

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