The Mount Sterling Village Council has decided it would not seek a replacement for the position of village administrator starting in 2018. Instead, the responsibilities will be divided up among three other village figures including the mayor, fiscal officer, and a utilities supervisor.

“We’ve looked at communities of a similar size to see what would work for us,” said Billy Martin, the village’s newly elected mayor. Martin took his seat at the head of council for the first time at Monday night’s meeting. “We decided we could divide the responsibilities up.” Martin will take on responsibilities regarding the streets, Courtney Bricker, the fiscal officer, will take on much of the paperwork previously handle by a village administrator and a newly appointed utilities supervisor will handle the water and sewer responsibilities.

“Between the three of us, we’re going to save the village quite a lot of money,” Martin said. The fulfillment of positions seemed to be the theme of the evening starting with Martin leading the meeting. Former mayor Lowell Anderson returned to his position as president of council, bringing the council seats to a total of six members.

There were also a number of ordinances passed to bring employees into full-time positions. Council voted to suspend the rules of a first, second, and third reading on all pieces of legislation in order to cast votes immediately.

Council approved all five pieces of legislation which included:

• Ordinance 2017-24: An ordinance authorizing Billy Martin or this designee, to enter into an amended employment with Courtney Bricker for the position of Fiscal Officer/Clerk of Council.

• Resolution 2017-25: A resolution approving Misty Vance working 40 hours per week and declaring an emergency. Vance previously worked part-time in the water and sewer department under 40 hours. This resolution would also give the department regular hours Monday through Friday, affording the residents more opportunities to pay their bills.

• Resolution 2017-26: A resolution approving the employment agreement of Brian Arledge. The resolution would make Arledge, who holds Class II wastewater and Class III water licenses, the utilities supervisor for a period of two weeks, bringing the village into the new year. In 2018, council will then vote on a more permanent ordinance regarding the position.

• Resolution 2017-27: A resolution approving the rehiring of Chris Ladley.

• Resolution 2017-28: A resolution amending the employment agreement of Courtney Bricker to allow her to work 40 hours per week. Bricker was also limited to a part-time working schedule; however, after the firing of the previous village administrator, Bricker took on more responsibility which prompted council to vote to bring her on in a full-time capacity.

Council also announced that the new water plant will be open during the day starting Tuesday and will begin conducting operations tests. Upon completion of the tests, the facility will be fully operational.

Prior to the adjournment of the meeting, council introduced a new section of the meeting dedicated to visitor comments.

“Normally, we would adjourn right now and I have always disagreed with that method,” Martin said. “(Council) had their roundtable, now it’s your turn to have your roundtable.” Martin added that he thought it is as important for the residents to have a voice as it is for council.

Mount Sterling shifts duties for village offices

By Michael Williamson

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