London residents experienced power outages on Monday resulting in London City Schools cancelling classes for the day. The high school and middle school were released at 9 a.m. and the elementary students were released by 9:45 a.m. according to a post on social media which also mentioned their phones were down.

Outages were reported from the south side of town to the school grounds and in areas between London and Summerford.

“We had power out from about 7:45 to about 9:30,” said Mayor Pat Closser. “Ohio Edison contacted us and said it was something on their end and that everything would be fixed in a couple of hours.”

A representative from Ohio Edison said Monday there were reports of blown fuses in the area which may have resulted in the outages.

Although there were no reported outrages or accidents related to weather, Closser said the rain provided an opportunity to assess some of the flooding issues. He said that with the rain, he had checked parts of town Sunday evening for flooding and found that most areas appeared to be moving.

“The work we did on High Street looked clear,” he said, referring to the section of High Street that was shut down in late September for drainage repairs. “Everything was flowing and in order.” The city is looking at the area between Graham and Stewart avenues as the next place to begin fixes. Much of the flooding in town is the result of cracked or decaying drainage tiles which the city is working to replace.

“We were waiting on the easements to go through in those areas,” Closser said. “Once we have all four, we’ll start the repairs in that area of town.”

By Michael Williamson

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