A proposal to renovate the old elementary school property on S. Walnut Street was fast tracked Thursday night by London City Council.

Ordinance 137-17 will allow the city to contract with DLZ Ohio Inc. to assist in preparing a request for proposals to renovate the old Elementary School property at 20 S. Walnut St. The ordinance provides up to $12,000 for services in assistance with the bid process.

The plan is to use the Walnut Street property as the new quarters for the City Hall offices. The school was built in 1960 and the two buildings it would replace were built in 1910 (Legal and Tax offices) and 1920 (Council Chambers). It would put the administrative offices and the tax/legal offices in the same building.

Council also moved Ordinance 139-17 through it’s second reading. This ordinance will put out a bid for updated software for the London Police Department. This software would streamline dispatcher and records operations for the department. It is anticipated the cost will be $120,000.

Ordinance 135-17 was set for a public hearing on June 15. This will expand the time for zoning hearings from the current 40 days to 60 days.

Council and Mayor Patrick Closser extended congratulations to Parks Director Tammy Braskett for getting the city pool up and running for the Memorial Day weekend.

The mayor announced that the Phase 2 installation for Cowling Park will be June 9. This will add to the park playground apparatus and provide the Rhapsody feature which includes outdoor musical instruments.

Movies by Moonlight kicked off Friday with a showing of “E.T.” at Cowling Park. This regular Friday program will show a movie on an outdoor screen. The event starts at 8 p.m. Folks are encouraged to bring snacks and a blanket. The Associates of Stanley Electric sponsor the event along with Revive Baptist Church who will be providing cotton candy, snow cones and balloon animals. In case of rain the movies will be held at the city gym at 60 S. Walnut St.

There is some movement on utilizing the old Kmart property. An undisclosed man has expressed interest in developing the property. Mayor Closser and county Economic Development heard David Kell are in the process of setting up a meeting with him.

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By Bryan Bridges

For The Madison Press