A Plain City official has submitted his letter of resignation.

Village Administrator Kevin Vaughn announced that he will be vacating his position during council’s work session on Monday evening. Vaughn has held the position for five years, having been appointed in May of 2013.

“I’ve accepted a position with Clinton Township in Franklin County as their Township Manager,” Vaughn said. “We talked about when I would be leaving and decided it would be July 6.”

Vaughn has been involved with numerous projects over the course of his time with the village — including some efforts that are still in the works.

“We had the discussion Monday since the topic of other open positions came up and I decided to go ahead and talk with council,” he said. He had submitted the resignation to Mayor Darrin Lane Monday morning. “Obviously it was important for council to know but we also wanted to let the developers we’re working with to know.”

Vaughn added that he was sorry to leave the already short-staffed village offices with another position to fill but made some recommendations on where to go next.

“The village is looking to work with a third party to get the position filled. When that person comes in, they may have recommendations on what to do with the other positions,” he said.

Village officials will have just three weeks before Vaughn’s last day in July — possibly one of the busiest months of the year for Plain City. Fourth of July, Steam Threshers and the Bicentennial celebration are among the biggest events going on in the month.

Mayor Lane said Vaughn is leaving the village in good shape, however.

“If you can better your life and your family, I say go do it,” Lane said of Vaughn’s leaving. “And Plain City is in a really good position to move forward right now.”

He added that although the village administrator position will be vacated soon, he doesn’t plan on having much of a gap between Vaughn’s leaving and getting the position filled.

“The position is appointed by the mayor with the approval and designation of council,” Lane said. “We’re meeting with a company to look into filling it this week. Things in town will continue as usual.”