The Aldi store east of Plain City is finally open.

A line of customers, stretching from the entrance doors all the way down the sidewalk to the PetSmart entrance, waited in the morning hours Friday for the 8:30 a.m. opening. After a brief ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday morning, customers were welcomed into the store by Aldi staff and Plain City village officials.

Lines started to form hours before the store opened.

“I got here around 6:55,” said Donna Masula, of London. She was the first in the line of more than 100 people arriving as early as 6:15 a.m. “I wanted to get here early because I knew the first customers got a gift card.” Aldi offered their “Golden Ticket” giveaway which gave gift cards to the first 100 people through the doors.

Many customers remarked on the modern look of the store as well as the variety of products such as produce.

Members of Plain City council as well as village mayor, Darrin Lane, were present at the opening.

“I think this is a great thing to happen just outside our town,” Lane said. “This marks some exciting things happening for Plain City and there’s more things happening down the road.”

Lane added that having a store with access to produce and fresh food is a great benefit to the community.

According to a press release given out by the company, the Plain City store is part of the company’s $3.4 billion investment to reach 2,500 stores nationwide by 2022.

“This has been a long time in the making for about the last two and a half to three years,” said Russ White, Director of Real Estate for Aldi and a resident of Plain City. “It’s a very exciting thing and we’re glad for all who were a part of it.”

The new store is located at 7390 State Route 161.