LCS receives $148K in ‘surprise’ money

London City Schools treasurer, Kristine Blind, left, reads the oath of office to Melissa Canney, who was appointed to fill the position on the board left vacant by the passing of Martha Geib, M.D. Canney took the oath of the board position Tuesday evening at the regular board of education meeting. She served on the BOE in previous years.

The London City School District has received a “surprise” amount of revenue.

An additional $148,000 has come from Ohio Department of Medicaid for back claims for fiscal 2008 and 2009 to cover services through the Medicaid school program, according to Treasurer Kristine Blind.

LCS is an eligible Medicaid service provider. The school provides services to Medicaid eligible students — such as occupational, speech or physical therapy — and can be reimbursed by the state for a fraction of the cost for those services.

An audit by the department revealed the district is entitled to receive payment, which had not been disbursed.

“We’re excited,” Blind said.

Additionally, Blind said the district’s budget is trending $100,000 under budget.

Blind said she and board president Marv Homan will meet with Moody’s to discuss the district’s bond rating. Blind said while the district’s bond rating is already good, she is hopeful the meeting will result in an increase in the bond rating.

“It makes it a higher quality investment for investors,” Blind said.

Blind said the district is in the process of paying off older bond debt, with higher interest rates, with a new bond issue.

“We will issue new bonds, which will pay a lower interest rate on the debt, with the purpose of retiring the older bonds that cost the district more in interest,” Blind said.

The new bonds will be more attractive to investors, she said.

“The interest investors will earn on the new bonds will be tax exempt,” Blind said.

Board appointee Melissa Canney was sworn in as a new member. She replaces Martha Geib, who had served on the board since January 2010 and unexpectedly passed away April 5 as a result of a congenital heart defect.

Superintendent Tom Ben lauded Canney’s dedication to London City Schools students and her public service. Canney previously served as a board member.

In his report, Ben said all the district’s buses have passed inspection and are already ready for the new school year. Ben cited Dennis Long’s program of maintenance for the 100 percent readiness.

“Dennis Long does a great job all year long,” Ben said.

Ben said the instances of bullying have dropped during the recently completed school year. He said the middle school had nine, the elementary school had two, and the high school had zero.

“I believe our staff has continued to monitor this and work with administration in delivering an atmosphere where bullying will cease,” Ben said.

Gail Reidenbach, curriculum director, said all third graders passed the third grade were promoted to fourth grade. Thus the summer school planned for third graders will not be needed.

Elementary principal Carol Daniels commented it was good to see the staff’s work pay off.

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