Weekend flooding leaves minor damage

The parking lot of the Dollar General store in Plain City was under water Saturday. This photo was submitted by Amber Schreck Martinez. The water quickly receded after the rain stopped.

Janie Ladley of Mount Sterling submitted this photo of her flooded front yard.

Heavy rainfall led to a swollen Choctaw Lake Saturday. Tracie Greer Sampson submitted this photo of the kids kayaking in the yard.

Mindy Bishop Foust submitted this photo of U.S. Route 42 South near Plain City. Water reached the road during prime flooding Saturday.

Two days after Madison County experienced a week-long rainfall event — culminating in heavy downpours Saturday — the water has receded, leaving only minor damage, according to officials.

In the 48-hour span from 9 a.m. Friday to 9 a.m. Sunday, London received 2.18 inches of rain, said Kristen Cassady, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

Weather spotters during the same time frame reported 1.32 inches of rain in West Jefferson, 1.59 inches of rain at the London State Fish Hatchery on Roberts Mill Road and 1.71 inches of rain at the Union County Airport, north of Plain City.

“That’s about half the amount of rain you might expect in the entire month of June in a 48-hour time period, and most of which was a 24-hour time period,” Cassady said. “That’s why there have been so many rises on local waterways, localized flooding and street closings.”

In Plain City, three roads had to be closed Saturday and into Sunday, said Kevin Vaughn, village administrator. Willow Creek Drive, Willowbend Circle and Maple Street were reopened later in the weekend. Several residents also reported basement floodings.

Additionally, the village’s police department was flooded, he said, leaving some minor damage. The parking lot of the Dollar General store on South Jefferson Avenue was also under water.

“Other than that, there was high water on some roadways, but nothing that required closing roads down,” Vaughn said. “As soon as it stopped raining, the water receded very quickly.”

Flooding was “spotty” throughout the county, reported Madison County Engineer David Brand. He said several roads had to be closed over the weekend in the Rosedale, Plain City and Mount Sterling areas.

The biggest issue occurred on Kiousville-Palestine Road, in the southern portion of the county, when heavy rainfall washed away a culvert near Robinson Road.

Crews shut down the bridge Saturday afternoon, but were called back four hours later after a resident drove through the area and left the barricade open for others to travel.

Brand said after the water receded, crews discovered there was only pavement holding up the structure. He emphasized it’s important for drivers to heed to barricades and road closings for their own safety.

“When the water is over on top of the road, there’s no guarantee that there’s a road there,” Brand said. “If the pavement would have fallen in, they would’ve been six feet down into water — that’s the worst case scenario.”

“People need to be cautious, especially when we have a lot of rain,” Brand added. “Fast-moving water can do a lot of damage, and it’s not something to take lightly.”

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