Donate used cell phones, ink cartridges for queens

Have an extra cell phone or ink cartridge? Organizers with the London Strawberry Festival are asking the public to donate those items to raise funds for the annual festival’s queen program.

The royalty is collecting used cell phones and ink cartridges to support the scholarship program, as well as provide additional activities throughout the festival.

The royalty will receive money from Phoneraiser for each item collected. Phoneraiser is a company that specializes in recycling and refurbishing used technology.

“Your donation will help protect the environment. Your unwanted cell phones and ink cartridges will be recycled in accordance with EPA regulations or refurbished and reused,” a spokesperson said. “Phoneraiser makes your un-needed technology available to those who can use it, while keeping it out of the landfill.”

If improperly disposed of, the cell phone can pollute up to 132 liters of drinking water.

“This program assists the London Strawberry Festival in providing scholarships to outstanding young ladies in Madison County but also assists in preserving the environment and bringing communications to people who could not otherwise afford it,” the spokesperson said.

Donations may be tax deductible. The London Strawberry Festival is a nonprofit organization.

Make donations by contacting a current member of the royalty or at 740-857-1417 or