M-P schools planning improvements

Kevin Spegal of Spegal Excavating moves some 304 limestone over a freshly excavated area of the Madison-Plains campus on Friday. It will be used to add parking spaces on the southwest side of the central office.

Temporary car friendly curbing will be installed at the edge of the intermediate school parking lot which adjoins Linson Road. It is an effort to improve traffic flow during peak hours.

Work will be ongoing this summer to improve the traffic slow around the Madison-Plains Intermediate School.

Superintendent Tim Dettwiller said the Facility Improvement (FI) team has been studying the traffic flow around the school. During the board of education meeting this week he described it simply: “it’s trouble.”

“We’re all scared to death something’s going to happen with the blind spot caused by buses,” Dettwiller said.

He has also fielded complaints about too few parking spaces.

The board approved Dettwiller and the FI team’s request to put in motion the plan. An old storage building at the south end of the field house was demolished. Kevin Spegal Excavating has been hired to begin the process of widening the area between the field house and the ball diamonds further south to accommodate more cars.

Spegal on Friday had already grated several tons of No. 2 limestone on the area where old concrete and earth were removed. Once the base was in place, No. 304 limestone was grated and smoothed over it.

It’s part of a plan to increase by 250 spaces parking at the intermediate school.

To further regulate traffic flow, the straight-in parking spots in front of the school will be eliminated in favor of angle-in spots to guide motorists coming into the lot from Linson Road.

A temporary, “automobile friendly” curbing will be placed at the edge of the lot to guide motorists.

Dettwiller said there will also be additional lighting installed.

Also in the improvement plan is installation of more efficient heating, plus air conditioning in the intermediate school gymnasium. The intermediate building will also receive an expanded cafeteria — with removal of the teacher’s lounge — as well as sound deadening materials to reduce noise levels.

Also on the list for improvement are new building doors, sewer plant upgrade, building a band director platform, painting in the elementary building, roofing evaluation and concrete repairs.

Also on the plan for consideration is additional storage space and bus garage improvement.

Dettwiller said of the permanent improvement fund available, $621,441, about half of it will be used for the improvements.

“This is the time to spend it,” Dettwiller said.

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