M-P teachers’ union, administration reach contract deal

Teachers at Madison-Plains will receive a 1 percent salary increase next school year following an agreement reached between the board of education and the teachers’ union.

The Madison-Plains Board of Education voted unanimously Tuesday evening to accept the agreement with the Madison-Plains Education Association (MPEA).

The agreement, which will be in effect from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2018, calls for base salary increases over the three-year period as well as numerous changes to the master agreement.

The salary increases will be 1 percent the first year and 2 percent for years two and three.

“It (the negotiations) did go very well, a win-win for everybody,” said Tim Dettwiller, superintendent.

Other changes to the master agreement included:

• An optional alternative pay schedule to be implemented in 2019.

• Reserve coaching positions will become assistant positions.

• Created facility manager supplemental to reduce the athletic director’s time at events to allow the athletic director more time at school during the day.

• Health reimbursement account is now part of the contract. Current liability to district and employee is 95 percent of deductibles. It will move to 90 percent, the first year, then to 80 percent the second and third years of the agreement.

• Retirement incentive plan moves from $21,000 in the employee’s 30th year to 70 percent of the employee’s last year’s salary on their 30th or 31st year.

• Staff meeting and class coverage compensation moves from $25 to $30.

• The BOE will pay for BCI background checks.

• Board policy may now be grieved if the superintendent disciplines and employee without pay for five or more days.

• Teachers must now be employed by the district for at least five years to have the right to any vacant teaching position.

• Coaching supplementals must be given to internal candidates only if they have five years experience at freshman level or higher coaching in the given sport. They may also be evaluated out if not performing well as a coach.

• Sick leave bank rules now require members to donate a day every other year versus every three years.

• New teachers will be required to donate one day per year in each of their first three years to be a member and can only borrow up to five days.

• Teachers must pay back two days of any sick bank days borrowed before they are eligible to borrow again.

• Calamity days must be made up after five days have been missed. Make-up days will be all holidays beginning with Martin Luther King Day up to spring break. Spring break days will be used as make-ups except Good Friday.

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