London Academy looks to serve 8th graders

The director of the London Academy wants students to succeed regardless of their student history.

During a meeting with the board of directors on Monday, Director Pauline Swan said 11 students from London Middle School may not be ready to tackle the academic rigors of high school.

So she wants to start a program to help them.

“I don’t want to set up anyone to fail,” Swan said.

To foster success among these students, Swan has contacted Lincoln Learning, a nonprofit learning organization, to assist with setting up a specialized curriculum.

“We want to be sure it’s a viable program,” she said.

She called it a “blended” program in which the students will be required to be in the academy a minimum of three hours a day. The academy would have access to the school buildings nearby its office.

“They need to learn accountability,” she said.

With 15 hours spent in the classroom, the remaining 11 hours will be fulfilled at home.

Board president Donna Cooper asked Swan if a new teacher would need to be hired, and the answer was yes. That person would be an intervention specialist.

Math and reading would be the focus courses.

“I’m hoping these kids are available to get themselves up to speed, in a sense, and then start to earn high school credit,” Swan said. “It’s a way to provide some structure and give them leeway to manage their own instruction.”

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