Alcott roads dedicated

The road to progress is paved with asphalt.

Mount Sterling and Madison County marked a black ribbon of progress on Friday with the name Alcott.

Alcott Industrial Parkway and Alcott Drive, two new roads on the Mount Sterling landscape, were dedicated and celebrated by village, county and state officials as well as members of the business community.

Jerry Alcott, for whom the roads were named, built the 100,000 square-foot building in which Keihin assembles air conditioning units for Honda Accords and will soon add those air conditioning units for Honda Civics, said Scott Mortimer, Keihin’s president and CEO.

Mortimer said he approached Alcott with the idea to erect the building in which the company could consolidate its production.

Alcott built the structure, initially estimated at $6 million. When all was said and done, Alcott said the final tally was $5 million, a savings of 17 percent. General contractor was Sims Construction of London.

Mortimer said now 12 semi trucks loaded with various air-conditioning components, manufactured elsewhere, roll in daily on the asphalt and 16 trucks a day follow the asphalt out with freshly assembled units to Honda plants.

The plant provides work for 230 jobs, whose starting wage is $11.57 per hour. Mortimer said in three years, that wage goes to $16.50 per hour, with a shift differential for second shift.

This new building is the sixth Alcott has erected and he said in his remarks it was the easiest from start to finish. He credited David Kell, executive director of the Madison County Chamber of Commerce and the Community Improvement Corporation (CIC), for smoothing the way in the beginning.

“No hassles, no anything,” Alcott said.

He also recognized village mayor Charlie Neff and village administrator, Joe Johnson. “They have made it easy for us,” Alcott said.

State representative Bob Hackett said “everyone played a role.”

“To get things done we work together as a team,” Hackett said.

Neff said at some point in the future, it is hoped to extend Alcott Industrial Parkway south to connect to State Route 62 and thus create a village bypass.

“And keep the trucks from driving over our sidewalks,” Neff said.

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