Changes coming to The Madison Press

From the Publisher:

As the publisher of the The Madison Press, I have been faced with many difficult decisions to ensure a quality product for our readers, viewers and advertisers balanced against the need to operate a successful business. Similar to the steady increase in costs we all experience in our personal lives, our business operations here at the newspaper incur the very same. As an example, just last week we received notice that newsprint prices are increasing over 20% effective immediately due to a trade and duty dispute between the U.S. and Canada.

As a result, today we are announcing that effective April 2, we will cease publishing our Tuesday, Thursday and Friday editions. In a market the size of London and Madison County, it has become increasingly challenging to publish five days a week and remain a viable business.

Please know this change in no way alters or changes our commitment to provide you with the most comprehensive and complete coverage of the news and events about London and Madison County. Our intent is to deliver more news and information to the residents of London and the Madison County area on the days we will continue to deliver.

The savings we incur will allow us to concentrate our resources on producing the kind of product you deserve. In fact, our goal is to expand and improve the product we will now deliver to you on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

All the while, we will continue to update our website at with breaking news, obits and news updates. We recognize it is our obligation to be your news source — in print and/or in digital — on a daily basis and that will not change.

In addition, we are in the process of seeking a new home for our offices as many of you may have already seen by the “commercial space available” signs already on the current location. With our lease expiring, we feel it is time to relocate to a new and fresh space as we begin publishing a new and fresh product.

Ultimately, we intend to deliver a much better product for the benefit of our readers and our advertisers. And lastly, to our current subscribers, you will receive credits on your subscriptions to offset the days we eliminate. Future subscriptions will be at a lower rate making this change more economical for our readers.

Overall, our intent is to deliver a much better product in fewer days. We hope that our subscribers and readers in the London and Madison County area enjoy the The Madison Press for years to come. Our commitment to be your local news source will remain the same.

Thank You,

Lane Moon