Additional charges filed in Jackson case

New arraignment brings murder and burglary charges

By Michael Williamson -

On Monday, new charges were brought against the London man connected with the Jan. 22 shooting at the Lamplight Court Apartments.

Previously, Tevin Jackson, 24, was indicted on a single count of aggravated murder in the Madison County Court of Common Pleas. The case was dismissed Monday by the county’s assistant prosecutor, Nick Adkins, so that he could move forward with a superseding indictment that brought additional charges.

“The initial indictment had just one count,” Adkins said. “I’m going to dismiss that original indictment because we’re going to go forward with the new one. It contains the same charge as that original but with several others.”

Jackson was indicted on a total of six charges related to the break-in which resulted in the deaths of London residents William Benson and Justin Coffey.

Jackson and Coffey attempted to break into Benson’s apartment and rob him and his roommate, Zachary Edmond, of marijuana and cash. During the incident, gunfire was exchanged and Jackson fled the scene before eventually turning himself in to Springfield police days after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Jackson’s charges included a single count of:

• Aggravated murder — associated with Benson’s death

• Murder — associated with Coffey’s death

• Attempted murder of Edmond

• Felonious assault — also associated with Edmond

• Aggravated burglary

• Having weapons while under disabilities

According to the Ohio Revised Code, having weapons while under disabilities refers to someone possessing or using a firearm while being a fugitive, indicted or convicted of a felony offense of violence, indicted or convicted of drug-related charges, drug dependent or mentally incompetent.

Jackson, who was again represented in court by John Paul Rion, an attorney with Rion, Rion and Rion in Dayton, plead not guilty.

Some of the extended time-frame of Jackson’s case has to do with the process of collecting evidence. The work is being done with assistance from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation which helped to clarify the extent and details related to the charges.

“The first five charges have the firearms specifications attached,” said Adkins. “All that means is that during the commission of the offense, a firearm was used to facilitate the offense. So it was brandished or displayed in some way.”

Adkins asked that the original bond of $1 million be transferred over to the new charges; however, Judge Eamon Costello increased the bond amount.

“The court is going to actually modify the bond in light of the additional charges,” Costello said. “With house arrest, with the electronic monitoring, the exposure and additional victims,” he said, “the bond is going to be set in the amount of $1.5 million.”

Jackson’s informal pretrial is set for March 8 and the formal pretrial is March 16. The case will then go to jury trial on April 2.
New arraignment brings murder and burglary charges

By Michael Williamson

Reach Michael Williamson at 740-852-1616, ext. 1619.

Reach Michael Williamson at 740-852-1616, ext. 1619.