Oak Run Township Trustee

Sean Meade

Sean Meade

Sean Meade is a candidate for Oak Run Township Trustee. The following is the information from the questionnaire submitted by the candidate:


What is your name, age, and occupation?

My name is Sean Meade, I am 30 years old and I am a local grain farmer.

Incumbent of challenger for the seat?

I am a challenger for the seat.

Why do you want to be elected to the office you are seeking?

I am seeking election for the trustee position because I feel it would be a wonderful way to get more involved in the community that I was born and raised in. I recently built a home and plan on raising my family in this community. As trustee, I would like to put forth a meaningful effort to ensure this township is a place every family would enjoy living in.

What goals would you have if elected?

If elected my first goal would be to see that our township roads and ditches get maintained in a much more efficient manner. Being young and having roots in this community already gives me the advantage to bring new, fresh ideas to the table.

How have you been involved in your community related to the office you are seeking, either an incumbent or challenger?

This is my first elected position I am seeking. Although I do not have much involvement in the township currently, I do have relationships with many of the residents which I believe will help me serve my duties. Growing up in the neighborhood, residents have seen me become an adult, go to college, get married and start my own family in this same area. I have trust and confidence in many of my neighbors. Being a local farmer also gives me an advantage because I not only understand the soil but I am also proficient in water drainage and know what needs to be done to our ground.

Do you wish to add additional information to your responses?

I am thankful for this opportunity and support that I have received.

Sean Meade
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