Monroe Township Trustee Unexpired Term

Carl Oiler Jr.

Carl Oiler Jr.

The following is the questionaire information provided by candidate Carl Oiler Jr. for the Monroe Township Board of Trustees unexpired term:


What is your: Name, age, and occupation?

Carl Oiler Jr.

Incumbent of challenger for the seat?


Why do you want to be elected to the office you are seeking?

Lived here most of my life. Would like to give back and help the township.

What goals would you have if elected?

Get more streetlights in Plumwood; pass a noise ordinance in Plumwood; get no jake brake signs at State Route 38 and Arthur-Bradley Road into Plumwood.

How have you been involved in your community related to the office you are seeking, either an incumbent or challenger?

Was once a township trustee for Monroe Township; past president of Madison County Township Trustee Association.

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Carl Oiler Jr. Oiler Jr.