Old Mount Sterling Sterling Cemetery almost finished

The centuries old cemetery for the Alkire family in Mount Sterling is nearing a final facelift, thanks to several local boys.

Tavion Eyerman, 17, showed The Madison Press Tuesday the progress he and his friends have made on the burial grounds used by some of the village’s founders, the Alkire family.

Eyerman first heard of the old Mount Sterling burial ground from a friend in February. Interested in history, he investigated the grounds out of curiosity. After getting lost he found the hidden spot, which was in disarray after being abandoned likely for decades.

He decided to ask the Pleasant Township Trustees as well as the graveyard trustees for permission to rehabilitate the grounds, which was granted to him and a few of his friends.

He and his friend Montana Spaniol, 14, enlisted Spaniol’s brothers Colton, 13, and Dawson, 11, to help clear the area. Lincoln Hunt, 11, decided to help out as well along with Eyerman’s brother Triston, 16. Eyerman also said Dyson Lopez helped out recently as well.

Originally it was a dirt patch full of roots and thorns with overturned grave markers. Now they’ve propped up the stones they could get to stand, repaired broken ones and protected others from sinking into the ground to be forgotten again.

They even planted grass, which Eyerman said had become healthy enough to mow already.

“When I took my first grass picture, it was late June early July,” said Eyerman. “It’s come far since we started working.”

It hasn’t been without hurdles.

Eyerman said that vandals decided to desecrate the place over the summer. It started with more innocent pranks such as signs with messages like “garage sale” propped up. Later it turned more malicious with garbage being strewn about, repaired stones being broken or overturned.

He set up a camera to catch the vandals, who were found to be minors dressed as pirates. Eyerman reported them to the Sheriff’s office and the trustees, eventually stopping them.

Now the cemetery is inching towards completion and Eyerman has said he’d like to help rehab other old abandoned family plots.

He’s also looking for more help and can be reached at 614-816-2449 for those interested in volunteering.

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The old Alkire cemetery stands once again lush with greenery thanks to a group of local boys.
https://www.madison-press.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/37/2017/08/web1_DSCN8987.jpgThe old Alkire cemetery stands once again lush with greenery thanks to a group of local boys. Maximilian Kwiatkowski | The Madison Press

Tavion Eyerman, 17, stands with a headstone he and his friends repaired.
https://www.madison-press.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/37/2017/08/web1_DSCN8988.jpgTavion Eyerman, 17, stands with a headstone he and his friends repaired. Maximilian Kwiatkowski | The Madison Press
Alkire plot restored by young locals

By Maximilian Kwiatkowski

Maximilian Kwiatkowski can be reached on Twitter @msfkwiat.