Escapee appears in court for 2013 charges

Three warrents were out for her arrest in Madison and Franklin counties

By Maximilian Kwiatkowski -

A woman hiding from Madison County authorities for four years appeared in court on her old charges, plus new ones for escaping the law.

Amanda K. Jones, 36, was arraigned for two cases, one from 2013 where she was charged with two counts of passing bad checks, both fifth degree felonies as well as two charges of escape from custody, one a third degree felony and the other a fifth degree.

The indictment alleges that she passed two bad checks in early and mid January 2013.

Assistant Prosecutor Nicholas Adkins said she was indicted and arrested in December 2013. After being released from Tri-County Regional Jail due to medical reasons failed to appear in court in Jan. 14, 2014 for her arraignment.

It had been so long since she was served papers on her older indictment, she said she couldn’t remember receiving them.

Adkins said she allegedly was stopped in London for expired plates on March 21. The officer noticed there were three warrants out for her arrest from cases in Franklin County and one case in Madison County Municipal Court as well as the 2013 indictment.

She asked to be taken to the hospital and taken to an emergency room.

“The officer had put her under arrest, but while she was in the ER she walked to use the restroom,” he said. “She then took off out of a back door of the hospital, and somehow got a ride out.”

She was later apprehended.

According to Franklin County Court records, she pleaded guilty to the charges there, one count of failure to appear and one count of receiving stolen property, while two other receiving stolen property counts were dropped.

She was placed on community control for four years.

For the cases in Madison County, she is set to appear on July 6 for her informal pre-trial hearing.

Other criminal cases heard on Thursday:

• Robert Akins, 67, of Chillicothe, was given time to undergo a needed surgery and recover before starting an 18 month prison sentence.

The formal sentence will be applied on June 26, after the defendant’s surgery.

The maximum sentence was 3 years behind bars and a fine up to $10,000.

Should he fail to appear, another felony charge will be applied.

Judge Eamon Costello noted he had a stint of criminal charges and convictions, mostly forgery, starting in 1966.

Adkins told the court Akins had previously attempted an escape from a federal facility in Kentucky in 1971.

The assistant prosecutor told The Press he was unable to acquire further details as the files were so old.

In April, Akins pleaded guilty to complicity to illegal conveyance of drugs, a third-degree felony.

While incarcerated at London Correctional, Akins received Suboxone through the mail.

Previously the court was made aware Akins has had some medical complications that require attention beyond what the jail can provide.

• Kimberly K. Armentrout, 46, of West Jefferson, was arraigned on a community control violation, just one month after starting the program.

According to an affidavit from May 24, she failed to report to Madison County Mental Health for a required screening appointment on April 27. Then on May 22, she tested positive for PCP and opiates during a drug screening with the probation office.

In January, Armentrout was charged with forgery, a fifth-degree felony, and receiving stolen property, two misdemeanors after she allegedly cashed a check belonging to her sister and attempted to cash a check belonging to her father back in October.

Through an agreement, she was put on community control after pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges of receiving stolen property. A felony charge of forgery was dismissed by the prosecutor’s office.

Armentrout was also ordered to pay $225 in restitution to her victims.

In May, she was arrested on a felony warrant out of Madison County on North Heath Street in West Jefferson and was transported to Tri-County Regional Jail.

She is set to appear in court again on June 16.

• Jason Tucker, 40, of Springfield, was sentenced to six months in prison for possession of cocaine, a fifth-degree felony.

He was offered a plea deal in May, which was accepted.

Tucker was stopped on Interstate 70 by the Ohio State Highway Patrol for speeding. Troopers found probable cause to search his vehicle.

Adkins said the officer discovered marijuana debris in his car and crack cocaine in a Crown Royal bag.

• Elvis E. Adkins, 29, currently an inmate at Madison Correctional Institution was arraigned on a count of possessing a deadly weapon while incarcerated, a third-degree felony.

He is set to appear in court on July 17.
Three warrents were out for her arrest in Madison and Franklin counties

By Maximilian Kwiatkowski

Maximilian Kwiatkowski can be reached at 740-852-1616, ext. 1617 or on Twitter @MSFKwiat.

Maximilian Kwiatkowski can be reached at 740-852-1616, ext. 1617 or on Twitter @MSFKwiat.