State saved, work goes on

While Alfonso Gonzalez, right, holds the board, Steve Ray guides the saw through on Tuesday in the State Theatre. Ray and his employees are remodeling the lobby to install booths.

The funding came in and now they have to deliver.

The “Save The State” fund, established to bring movies back to downtown London, reached its goal of $40,000 very late (or very early, depending on your perspective) on June 6. That was the deadline owners Rob and Shannon Treynor set for their community fund drive.

“We had a late surge,” Rob said.

That $4,500 surge put the fund over the top, with $100 to spare.

“It was mostly in small donations,” Treynor said. “We’re blown away by everyone’s generosity.”

It’s still no small job to open the theatre.

“People gave, so we’re on notice,” he said. “We have to deliver. We’re excited about having to make them happy they (contributors) made the right choice.”

The Treynors have chosen to make the lobby more of a gathering place, rather than a pass-through from the sidewalk to the auditorium.

On Tuesday, workers from S & J Construction were installing floor joists to level the south side of the floor. The area will feature booths with tile flooring to match the rest of the lobby. There will also be tables and chairs.

The Treynors are working on a menu to provide more than the typical movie fare of popcorn and Milk Duds.

No opening date has been set, but two classic movies being considered for the opening occupy the short list: “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and “Singing in the Rain.”

Watch your local newspaper — and social media — for times and listings.

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