Plain City to seek levy in spring

Village requests citizens to volunteer for committees

By Andrea McKinney -

Plain City residents will be asked to approve a new tax levy for the village next spring.

Nick Kennedy, president pro tem of the village council, said during Monday’s council meeting that members have not yet decided what type of levy will be on the ballot, as far as an income tax or property tax, but some type of levy will be requested.

The details will be further discussed at upcoming meetings. The personnel and finance committee will meet at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 1, according to committee chair Leslie Perkins.

The levy is the suggestion of Rockmill Financial Consulting, which gave three presentations to council on the financial state of the village earlier this spring.

The consultant provided 20 recommendations for the village, and in order to pursue those, additional funding is needed, Kennedy said.

The village is seeking 10-20 volunteer citizens to serve on a levy committee.

Council is also pursuing a community survey and comprehensive plan, as recommended by Rockmill. About 30 volunteers are needed to create a comprehensive plan committee.

The survey is needed because “assuming the levy passes, we will already know the priorities,” Kennedy said.

Those who are interested in serving on either committee should contact village administrator Kevin Vaughn at 614-873-5040,; or fiscal officer Renee VanWinkle at 614-873-3165,

“This is a great opportunity to give input on the direction of the community,” Kennedy said.

Rockmill had previously suggested to council that it adjust various village fees.

The proposal includes:

• Decreasing water tap fees from $12,000 to $9,000. The fee is a one-time charge for new construction.

• Creating a new $2.50 per month storm water management fee for every household. The fee would pay for the upkeep of failing infrastructure, as well as address a septic issue on Lantern Lane.

• Increasing trash pick up fees between $1 to $5 per month. An exact figure has not yet been decided.

Vaughn said he met with Rockmill officials on Monday, and the consultant is now suggesting delaying implementing the fee changes.

Perkins said she agreed with the decision because the village will already be seeking a tax levy.

Rockmill Financial Consulting, Inc., based in Lancaster, Ohio, has a contract with the village of Plain City to be the municipal financial consultant for 2015. The $25,000 contract was voted by council and awarded earlier this year.

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Village requests citizens to volunteer for committees

By Andrea McKinney