Who’s running in November? A quick guide

Staff report

Below is the complete list of certified nonpartisan candidates running in the Nov. 3 general election in Madison County. The list is courtesy of the Madison County Board of Elections. The candidates were certified Monday. Partisan candidates, such as members of London City Council, were certified earlier this year.

Canaan Township

Township Fiscal Officer: Kimberlie Schrock

Township Trustee: Don Schrock

Darby Township

Township Fiscal Officer: M. Wilcox

Township Trustee: Roger Weeks

Deercreek Township

Township Fiscal Officer: Erin Morris

Township Trustee: Mark Modlich

Fairfield Township

Township Fiscal Officer: Vickie Timmons

Township Trustee: Donald Francis

Jefferson Local School District

Member of Board of Education: David Harper, Margaret Hiss

Jefferson Township:

Township Fiscal Officer: Darci Carmody, Amy Forrest, Kathryn Looby, Priscilla Neighborgall, W. Popplewell, Arnette Simpson, Jeffrey Pfeil.

Jonathan Alder Local School District

Member of the Board of Education: Steven Votaw, Jason Warren, Thomas Bichsel, Christina Blacka

City of London

Auditor: Kathleen Hensel (R)

Council President: Jennifer Hitt (I)

Law Director: Zahid Siddiqi (R)

Mayor: Patrick Closser (R)

Member of Council at Large: Megan Douglas (R), Roger Morris (R), Joshua Peters (R), Brenda Russell (I)

Member of Council, Ward 1: Trint Hatt (R)

Member of Council, Ward 2: Richard Minner (R)

Member of Council, Ward 3: Lora Long (R)

Member of Council, Ward 4: Rex Castle (R)

London City School District

Member of Board of Education (full term): Curtis Brooks, Paul Maynor, Jonathan Stahl

Member of Board of Education (unexpired term): Darryl Brown, Matthew Congleton

Madison-Plains Local School District

Member of Board of Education: Robert Butz, Mark Mason, Ken Morlock

Monroe Township

Township Fiscal Officer: Connie Troyer

Oak Run Township

Township Fiscal Officer: Rochelle Kimbler

Township Trustee: Wayne Holland

Paint Township

Township Fiscal Officer: Cynthia Mace

Township Trustee: Bruce Davison

Pike Township

Township Fiscal Officer: Lila Stewart

Township Trustee: Aaron Boerger

Pleasant Township

Township Fiscal Officer: Katheryn Endres

Township Trustee: Lewis Conway

Range Township

Township Fiscal Officer: Luana Barker

Township Trustee: Mark Anthony

Township Trustee (unexpired): Dennis Marshall

Somerford Township

Township Fiscal Officer: Pamela Hochadel

Township Trustee: Jim Moran

Stokes Township

Township Fiscal Officer: Ramona Porter

Township Trustee: Christopher Vallery

Township Trustee (unexpired): Jim Noble

Union Township

Township Fiscal Officer: Karen Geyer

Township Trustee: Matthew Furbee, Brian Lanigan

Village of Midway

Clerk/Treasurer: Jennifer Hall

Member of Council: Renee Hall, Tina Kelley

Village of Mount Sterling

Mayor: Charles Neff

Member of Council: Lowell Anderson, David Timmons, Thomas Ward

Village of Plain City

Mayor: James Eudaily, Michael Lane, Darren Lee

Member of Council: Kerri Ferguson, John Rucker

Village of South Solon

Mayor: Joseph Haney, David Karkan

Member of Council: Jeffrey Glispie

Village of West Jefferson

Mayor: Steven Johnston, Ray Martin

Member of Council at Large: Michael Conway, Douglas Eakins, Jim King, Richard King, Herman Stanley


Staff report