Clark Co. sheriff arrests 11 in underage drinking party

Staff report

Seven adults and four juveniles from London were arrested for underage consumption of alcohol at Buck Creek State Park in Springfield Monday night, according to a release from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

Seth Jones, 18, Richard Cole, 18, Kyree Minor, 19, Osmara Salinas, 18, Clark Duffey, 18, Alan Baldwin, 19, and Tyler Yost, 20, all of London, were charged with underage consumption of alcohol, a first-degree misdemeanor.

Yost was additionally charged with misdemeanor falsification, according to the release.

Four juveniles, who are not being named because of their age, were also arrested.

Deputies responded to a call from a park employee about 2:45 a.m. about a loud party where underage drinking could be taking place.

Upon arrival at 2175 Buck Creek Lane, deputies noticed several vehicles parked in front of a cabin, where they could hear loud conversation.

Deputies approached the cabin, and found adults and juveniles drinking alcohol. They knocked on the door, and could see individuals running and hiding inside the cabin, the release said.

Upon speaking with the cabin renter, deputies discovered that underage consumption was taking place.

Staff report