Blue moon cycling ride scheduled for July 31

By Dean Shipley -

The Friends of the Madison County Parks and Trails will host a “Blue Moon Ride” on the evening of Friday, July 31.

The friends will take a different route: the eastbound Roberts Pass section of the trail to the Wilson Road turnaround. They will partner with Phat Daddy’s Pizza to provide refreshments for bicyclists.

The London Police Department will provide an escort for bicyclists from Phat Daddy’s to the trailhead.

During a meeting Monday with Madison County commissioners, the park board was asked how it can create a revenue stream to cover the cost of the portable toilet rental.

A fund transfer of $128 from the general fund to the park board fund had to be approved to cover the monthly portable toilet rental. Commissioner Paul Gross asked if it could be removed to eliminate the $1,536 annual expense.

Park board member Alan Knowles said the portable toilet is a necessity more for walkers and runners who use the trail, not necessarily the cyclists.

“The bigger complaint is we don’t have enough,” added Wayne Roberts, park board member.

“It’s used often,” Knowles said.

With the seal coat grant approved, contractor Jim Snyder has been inspecting the asphalt in preparation of doing the work.

“He’s a reliable individual,” said Commissioner David Dhume.

Roberts reported the large steel sculpture of the city’s name has been taken down and is in the process of being sand blasted and powder coated for a fresh look. He said it is very popular with cycling passers through who use the sculpture for photos.

Roberts reported about 25 cyclists rode on the educational ride which was held Saturday, July 18. He said the cyclists were divided into groups of eight or nine to allow for better contact with the presenters who manned several stations along the trail.

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By Dean Shipley