Felony gun charge dropped

A Dayton man had a felony charge dropped to a misdemeanor for a firearm charge Tuesday after it was discovered that he had a concealed carry permit.

Marcus Pritchett, 25, was originally charged with improper use of a firearm in a motor vehicle, a fourth-degree felony. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of the same name in Madison County Common Pleas Court.

Pritchett was stopped by the Ohio State Highway Patrol on March 14 about 11 p.m. traveling eastbound on Interstate 70 in the county.

Assistant county prosecutor Nick Adkins said Pritchett lied to the responding officer, claiming he did not have a firearm. According to the Ohio Revised Code, an officer must be alerted of a firearm “promptly,” even if the suspect has a CCW.

The felony charge would have applied if Pritchett did not have a permit.

Judge Eamon Costello ordered a 15-day jail sentence for Pritchett, which is widdled down to eight days after time already served. If Pritchett pays a $500 fine in 90 days, the jail sentence will be terminated.

Pritchett’s attorney Matthew Jewson said in court that Pritchett is currently working, and should be able to pay the fine.

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